What Is A Health Coach

Health Coach, a new term in the industry is a catch all title that serves as an umbrella for many segments of wellness. These positions are popping up everywhere. You have noticed them now on staff at your Family Practice, Fitness Center, or University. With chronic disease on the rise, Health Coaches serve as a crucial role on the healthcare team designed to safely engage patients/clients to behavior change. Gaining education and changing those behaviors is where the healing and even reversal of these conditions can begin. That is where I come in.


In this case, you can think of me as your personal guide and wellness warrior. We work together to identify goals, develop a plan of action tailored to you, and establish accountability. We do this by identifying values that are important to you. Sleep, nutrition, fitness, and even stress management techniques are areas we will explore. Together we develop individualized nutrition and lifestyle changes that you can implement right away through coaching. We do this by virtual or in person visits.


I’ll share my experience and evidence based techniques to address your holistic health needs. I will not diagnose, but rather will serve as your wellness authority. I acquired my health coach certification through ACE, a leading accreditation body in the industry. Health Coaching partners perfectly with my existing Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certs. The addition allows me to move out of the exercise lane and deep dive into my clients wellness as a whole. We can explore all aspects of health and develop a more attainable and sustainable solution!


Social and family support is so important when making lifestyle changes. Those folk are our tribe, our biggest cheerleaders. They are essential members of your team. Having a health coach is different in that we are unbiased, we are trained, and chances are we have had experience with similar scenarios you may be facing. After 3 months of dedicated full-time self study and one comprehensive exam later, I am proud to offer my ACE certified qualifications. Being a guide for YOU, I keep the focus on YOU as well. I provide a safe space for you to explore, grow, learn, and change without judgement.


You are feeling a bit off from your norm and finding it difficult to determine why.

You have suffered an illness or injury that you are in recovery from.

You have had a fluctuation in hormones due to pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause.

You thrive in a coaching environment with dedicated support.

You want to gain more energy.

You need a sustainable nutrition program that meets your physical goals and honors your lifestyle values.


Ready to explore your wellness on a new level. Schedule a consult now to start living the healthy, happy live you deserve.

August 3, 2020

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