The 10 Life Lessons You Will Learn Before 40

It’s always been the Stevies, Gaga’s, and Taylor’s I’ve been attracted to. The bold ones. Not subtle. The gals that live in the arena. They are the are story tellers, the writers, the sharers. VULNERABLE.  Sometimes it’s a difficult tale they tell. They share without anonymity. 

The past forty years, I have written a full story myself. The past ten years have been the most formative. The past 8 months have prompted the most growth and transition, some major life moments !

As we age, we reflect. When life is lost, we do the same. Days away from 40 and I am experiencing both. When you are emotionally ripped open, a rebirth occurs. Forcing you to:

  1. Reevaluate the way you have done things to this point.
  2. Establishing what will you tolerate moving forward. 
  3. Identifying what is of true importance.
  4. Determining what is non negotiable.

With the loss of this miscarriage #2 in January, I needed a rebirth of myself.  I took a hard look at 1-4 above and dug deep for the answers. Fitness, while major, is just a part of my story. I have so many more things to share with you, especially now. With that, Casa de Cherry was born. 

While suffering those miscarriages have been the lowest point I’ve faced up til now, I’ve never felt more supported. With that support I have been able to become more grounded and more rooted. I am slowly beginning to blossom once again. Growing and stretching tall, closer to God. Sure, I have changed (thank the Lord) and I am learning. The way I pray is different and what I pray about, while bold, is different. I’ve freed up energy to allow him to direct me. Life is looking better, brighter, and if you can imagine, more bold at 40!!!

Here are the most valuable lessons I have learned about myself thus far:

1. Don’t die with your music still inside you. A favorite Wayne Dyer quote. This is a form of self love and pride in your being. My interpretation: use my gifts and talents for good. Be the thing you were created to be! 

2. Comparisons are catastrophic. I appreciate my curves and my physical capabilities. I spend less time thinking about my limitations. Others don’t get to dictate what is flattering, what my fit is, or when I feel powerful. 

You were created in God’s image. He doesn’t make mistakes. To put yourself down is to insult him. You were made to do great things.

3. I need the following each day:  healthy + tasty food, faith, fitness, creativity, and rest. When I feel well, I can be well for my family, tribe, and business. 

4. My home needs to be my most scared space. It needs to reflect how I live. It needs cozy elements like candles, blankets, art, and of course snacks I can feel good about serving myself or guests. 

5. Never stop learning! I enjoy teaching. My career path began as a teacher. The classroom was not an appropriate audience for what I needed to share or even learn about myself. Eventually, I found my way to the personal training + wellness space. The learnings are countless and the teachings are daily. 

I never loose. I either win or learn. – Nelson Mandela 

6. Yoga teaches us to hold space for simultaneous feelings. Even when those feelings are opposites. We don’t have to settle on just one.

Peaceful + Powerful – Strong + Weak – Grief + Joy 

7. Vulnerability in safe environments builds intimate relationships. This lead me to identify my true tribe. I was able to invest fully in them and allow them to be the ones who learned my true narrative. 

8. Be able to acknowledge and honor someone else’s journey and where they may be on it. This may mean giving grace and allowing time for someone to catch up to where you are. This may also mean, understanding their path may never align with yours and from this step forward you will each walk in separate directions. 

9. A woman can be Christian and sexy. This may come form the past 6 months spent in pajamas. But it has inspired keto reclaim my womanhood. Femininity is powerful. That doesn’t have to mean mini skirts and midriffs. It might mean a blowout, a fresh manicure, or a cute outfit. It simply is whatever makes you feel your best. This applies to single or marrieds! All women should feel this way.

to be beautiful + sexy, be yourself

10. Be intentional in cultivating your life. Feel encouraged to rule your own world. What do you want to fill it with?

career, friends, hobbies, free time, nutrition, etc

I’m excited for the next steps in my plan. I hope it is to continue sharing with you. I’m thankful to unveil the woman I’m becoming based on my experiences.

February 20, 2020

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