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You prob have found yourself with extra time at home these days. Bring on the spring cleaning or better yet a self care DIY spa day!

One of my clients decided to use her extra down time to clean out her closets and beauty supplies. She sent me a text asking for my favorite clean beauty recommendations. Her text prompted me to compile this blog for you, including a full list of my must haves.  

Let’s chat a little about what I consider clean beauty and why I support support brands who produce these items. If you have never thought about the roll your cosmetics play in your overall wellness, now is the time to start! Health and wellness conversations are absolutely trending at the moment.

Clean beauty is non toxic: specifically products free from parabens, known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, phthalates, PEGs, ethanolamines, chemical sunscreens, synthetic fragrance, BHT, BHA.  Chemicals like those listed above have been suggested by research to disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer. Believe it or not, we as a country have little to no government regulation on this. Ladies, just as we make decisions based on food labels, this also is up to us!

I started dabbling in the clean beauty industry a few years ago. It started around the time I began further investigating ingredients on nutrition labels. Slowly I began replacing old beauty products with cleaner versions as I used them up. I started with my make up and graduated to skin, bath/body products, and even haircare.

Last Summer after I learned I was pregnant, I took my clean beauty habits up a notch. I was making healthy decisions for two. I tossed out my usual shampoos, nail polishes, and even deodorant. To me, what went on my skin was just as important as my nutrition. 

One of my close friends is a mother and Beautycounter rep and keeps me up to date and stocked up on some amazing items. For my wedding gift last year, she gave me a personalized bag of beauty. It was one of my favorite gifts! I highly recommend a gift like that for any brides or mothers to be.

Products like this can be an investment on the front end, but one you can’t afford not to spend. Let me be bold enough to say I know you will gain more wellness and radiance in the long run from shopping this way. Think similarly to how you fuel.

Processed food vs Fresh Produce

I included a few other articles below on this growing industry to help you. I hope the research I have done thus far is helpful for you. Foods is also a good resource to touch and see clean beauty products.

We can’t block or stop every illness, miscarriage, or pandemic, but we can stack the deck in our favor. So why not try it?!

Here are my daily go-tos.  More clean beauty on my home page with Amazon links !

Beautycounter product description
From left to right: Cleansing Balm, Lip Conditioner, Illuminating Serum, Mimosa Body Lotion, Lip Jellies, Lip Gloss, Brow Gel, Body Butter, Countertime Eye Cream, Countertime Serum, Rosewater, Lipstick (shoppable link at the bottom of post)
Beautycounter skin routine
These products changed my skin leading up to my wedding. The resurfacing peel I am holding is the best. I use it nightly!
Clean Beauty Items
Other search worthy and shoppable brands, left to right: W3ll People Mascara, Mineral Fusions Stick, Zoya Nail Polish, Honest Company, Pixi by Petra, Winky Lux Rainbow Balm, Pacifica, Thrive

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March 27, 2020


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