Plant Heavy Eating

It seems each year right about this time I gravitate towards all the plants. Not growing them, but eating them. The days are brighter and longer and the produce is bountiful! Plant based eating is such a great way to feel great! Implementing plants into your diet can have an immediate impact on your mood, energy level, and even skin.
Plants are water rich, full of fiber, boost immunity, and are full of antioxidants and nutrients. Talk about a super food!
As a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, it is easy for me to recommend consuming plant based foods to clients because of the accessibility and affordability.
Not to mention plant based meals are easy to prepare. Many recipes only require chopping. Plant based or “plant heavy” eating as I like to call it, is easily adaptable to other nutrition programs. You can easily pair a fresh fruit bowl or plate of grilled veggies with a lean animal protein if you prefer.
Friday’s are a typical rest day, non structured workout day, for me. I use that extra time to do something healthy for myself: meal planning and grocery shopping!
Since today is the first of May, I headed out for a large grocery haul to get us stocked up for some serious plant heavy eating. I had 3 stops to make to cover my list. I have managed to make grocery shopping an art form and have favorites from a few different establishments.

I’m kind of a grocery store nerd.

Even though social distancing is in practice, each business I visited followed the recommended protocols beautifully by: wiping or spraying down carts, 1 way aisles, and 6ft markers for waiting. In fact, almost this entire post was written while waiting outside in the Trader Joe’s line.
When it comes to eating plants, National recommendations are between 1-3 cups of fruit and vegetables each per day. Amp up those smoothies and salads y’all! Going fully plant based may be too drastic for you and not even necessary. That is a philosophy that is a personal choice based on your nutritional needs, cultures, and values.

If you are not sure what to make or where to begin, feel free to follow my lead. I’ve included my grocery list and recipe ideas here as a guide.

If you’re feeling more adventurous when it comes to plants, Pinterest and the Forks over Knives site are fantastic resources. Reach for bright bold colors and don’t hesitate to try something new. Last week I added asparagus to my veggie fajitas and it was a hit! Friday it was sliced radish for extra crunch on our tostadas.

You don’t have to eat just plants…you just need to eat more of them.

Need more info or want help establishing healthy habits of your own, I would love to partner.

May 1, 2020


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