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After 2+ years in the making, our new home was ready! It was time to begin curating for two. Or as Anne Hathaway says in Bride wars, it was time to show our couple style 🤙🏻 If you know us then you’ve seen it. Relaxed, possibly sweaty, and a side of salt (water or rimmed margarita glass). That’s how I wanted our house to feel. A true reflection of Jason and Jess. We love nature, light, good food, and relaxed living. That was the inspo behind Casa de Cherry…the blog and the house.

Careful Decision Making

We had several months to prepare for our new space and execute thoughtful decision making. Although we began the process nearly a year before we ever broke ground. What I mean by thoughtful decision making is, we thought about how we live. What rooms we spend the most time in, how we use those rooms, and what we need to be most functional. Our home is the place we spend the most time here. I even work here. It is imperative it be our favorite place to be. I was thrilled to be able to this project by myself. I was ecstatic and grateful for the opportunity to pull together a blank canvas. The cool thing about doing this at 40 years old is that you’re really rooted. You really have an identity and even more importantly, know how to honor it with integrity. 

Our Prayer

We worked so hard to make this dream a reality. We took the entire home building process seriously, and understand what a blessing it is. We are proud of it. We believe the reason the process went so smoothly was because we did take careful consideration with everything. We also spent a lot of time in prayer throughout the entire development. Our ask from God is that it’s a place filled with love for all who enter and the most peaceful place for those who dwell here. 

One of many prayers we said and wrote while building.

Picking A Floor Plan

In regards to the building specifics…here is how it came together. 
Our first decision was to find a builder. Luckily our former neighbor is a builder so we started our interviewing there. We knew it was a fit from the first meeting. Christian, family man, and considerate of ALL our needs. He listened to us. I’ll continue to rave about Bob, but I’ll leave this paragraph by saying I hugged him the day he handed over the keys and we are planning a date night with him and his wife soon. How’s that for a successful build?! 

The second step was to nail down a floor plan. We made this decision based on budget but flow of life. Some things we took into consideration:

  1. Kitchen functionality
  2. Space for a home gym
  3. Lots of light
  4. Open floor plan 

Customizations and Selections

After MANY open house tours and syphoning through dozens of floor plans…we decided on a spec home our builder completed (we visited) and feel in love with instantly. We then tailored, tweaked, customized the hell out of it. We opted for neutral, classic choices in most cases. This way the house can ebb and flow with us as we grow and seasons change. This resulted in an almost unrecognizable edit from the original. A few of the customizations we made include:

  1. White Siding 
  2. Adding a bold black gutter
  3. Classic black door & matching garage color 
  4. Light Oak interior floors
  5. A neutral interior paint palette. When choosing white or gray, I suggest checking the light at different times of day. Grays can pull a warm or cool tone.
  6. Modern clean line trim package
  7. Floating live edge mantle
  8. Modern brass light fixtures
  9. Beveled subway fireplace tile


As we hit the halfway point with construction, I began the design/decor phase. As Pinterest boards began to take shape, a theme surfaced. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to call this eclectic mix. And then I heard the term which described it perfectly. Modern boho: a modern twist on the carefree, relaxed, and unusual. I choose to interpret and express that through a mix of metal, woods, woven materials, and upholstered furniture. Yes, there is even some rattan and macrame.

To bring this vision to life, I turned to HomeGoods, Target, and IKEA. Each establishment offered budget friendly, quality options. Paired together with our unopened wedding gifts, some personal art, and a few old favorites, we were set! Other affordable resources I used were Wayfair and a MAJOR West Elm lighting & furniture sale. Watch for those, especially during the quarantine.

Pro tip 1: Allow plenty of time for ordering as inventory is low or back ordered. You can score luxe items for less by keeping those above mentioned sites top of mind.

Pro tip 2: Many of those big box sites offer home deliver and assembly for FREE. I took full advantage of both. 

Dining Room

We have one dining area verses a kitchen table and formal dining room. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to have a flex space that could function for gatherings or dinner parties and our casual weeknight meals.

You’ll see a mix of brass tones, a mix of natural woods, and light in this space. It is a layered look with many textures. It was the first room I began working on and am thrilled with the result. 

A mix of wood textures.


The next space to take shape was the bedroom. With so much natural light, I did not want to compete with that. Soft simple bedding, sheer window treatments, neutral paint and furniture, paired with fresh greenery and unique wall hangings make it a cozy sanctuary. The perfect, peaceful resting place. Pics on IG.

Want More

For more as we set up our cozy casa, follow along on IG. I cover everything there to live the life you deserve from the inside out. As a holistic health coach and personal trainer, my view of wellness is similar to how I put together this house. Keeping values, personal preferences, and even budget in mind one room (or one goal) at a time. Your wellness philosophy should include everything that energizes and nourishes your body and spirit. After all, your body is the ultimate dwelling space.

August 17, 2020

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