Navigating The Grocery Store

You are ready to fill your kitchen and belly with top ingredients. The problem is you aren’t sure where to shop or what to buy. Imagine having your own personal tour guide to navigate your neighborhood market. Often clients ask me…

Is organic really better?

What type of pasta/bread/rice should I buy?

Where can I find…?

I hear you, and am proud to now offer a personalized grocery store tour option.

This personalized shopping experience, scheduled at your convenience will eliminate anxiety and build confidence in the kitchen. We will address all of the questions on our journey.

In the tour, you will:

Discover what parts of the store to see

Determine what parts to skip

Learn how to read labels

Decide what packaged foods are worth it

Learn how to find difficult items

Identify kitchen staples and essentials

Learn how to create a weekly customized list

Schedule your tour today and begin stocking your fridge with options to fuel you and your family.

August 3, 2020

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