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One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a cozy feel to your casa is with music. It is something I enjoy daily. When I was a teacher, I often played instrumental background tunes for my kindergarteners. It immediately calmed them and re-focused the group. A little more jive and kindness would seem to fill the room.

Think about the feeling you get when you first enter a favorite boutique or restaurant. It is a cozy, warm, welcoming vibe. That same feeling can be yours at home too. You feel good inside, because music is good for you. It is thought that music fends off depression, increases blood flow, and sends those endorphins flying! Thinking back to those boutiques and bistros, it really is a simple marketing technique. I prefer to think of it as medicine for the mind.

If cooking is on the agenda, there is usually French cafe music floating through the air. Check out my Casa Kitchen playlist here.

Sunday mornings are a time for yoga sounds, one of Millie’s fav. If vaca vibes or a road trip are commencing, Bob Marley is a must. It makes us think of OBX or Bermuda. When it comes to exercise, I often use an upbeat hit list for personal training clients. Check out my latest playlist here.

I’ve curated a Pandora playlist for every occasion. My wireless speaker makes it easy to set the mood anywhere. It travels well and allows me to set the tone for wherever I am.

Think ahead to your weekend plans. Cooking, crafting, cleaning, working! A little way to elevate your checklist.

March 5, 2020


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