Finding Courage

The virtue of courage seems to be needed more than ever. It isn’t a word reserved for big moments any more. It has been a daily request by so many, myself included.

Whether you watch the news media or not, you are certainly more than aware of the current state of affairs. A battle attacking the entire world and all people.

When this all began, I would pray for strength for the doctors, the politicians, and the families affected it all. Over the past two weeks, the pray request has since morphed to cover everyone, not just those physically or financially affected. I find myself praying for my own family members and friends on the front line.

Each morning I pray for God to armor up my family and community. Each night I thank him for doing so.

I ask for courage for myself as well. The list of where I need it grows longer each day. Like so many, I am meet with uncertainty. The ask looks something like this: Courage to face the invisible enemy, courage for the possibility of getting pregnant once again and to face the outcome, courage to lead my clients into strength and peace for a few hours each day during this season, courage to be fearless in all things and faithful in God no matter what circumstance presents itself.

I settled in for my morning devotional and prayer time today and the idea of courage hit my in the face as it was the topic of today’s passage. I took the concept a step further and ran it through my pray list. I’ve been keeping a list of loved ones and prayers on a piece of paper. I went through each item and person and prayed for courage. Courage for the friend who is taking steps to become more healthy. Courage for the friend who owns her own business and is being financially affected. Courage for the one struggling with a difficult relationship. Courage for the one tackling motherhood. Courage for the friend who lives alone. The list continues. The courage to forgive. The courage to be wrong. The courage to be vulnerable. The courage to pray. In short, we all need courage somewhere right now. And we can get it. None of our battling is solitary. God is there. Invite him in. Ask hime to give you courage. The battle may not disappear, but you will more equipped to face it head on. You’ll have the ammo you need no matter what.

April 2, 2020


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