Choosing A Nutrition Program

When it comes to adopting a personal nutrition program, the possibilities are endless and everyone seems to be an expert. As you may already know, there isn’t a one size fits all. What worked for your sister, mother, or friend might leave you with less desirable results. Each of us has specific nutritional needs, not to mention a unique value system personal to each of us.

As a health coach and personal trainer, I have heard the story so many times. Clients asking to try the latest, trending diet protocol without really understanding why. My go to response is to steer them away from the masses. Quick fixes rarely work…well. And if you do happen to have a weight loss response, you may experience other problems like nutrient deficiency, low energy, or simply have lost your love of social outings.

With a little dedication to detail and a strategy, you can accomplish everything from weight loss to increasing energy while enjoying the sweet life!

Here are things to consider for a sustainable solution.

AFFORDABILITY An individual’s nutrition program should be affordable and accessible. Speciality foods can be great supplements or add ins, but can be difficult to build a program on. Your neighborhood supermarket or farm stand should be able to fill your kitchen and belly easily.

SOCIAL SUPPORT Socially sustainable. A good nutrition program can be implemented anywhere. From a family vacation to a girls night out in town, you should be able to order options that work for you. A favorite meal or cocktail should be enjoyed when the time is right!

INCLUSIVITY Quality nutrition programs should leave you feeling nourished, fueled, and fantastic. A quality nutrition program is fluid through seasons of life. It is adjustable according to your needs. Pregnant, marathon training, disease reversal/prevention, or maintenance, each unique health need should be considered.

UPHOLDS PERSONAL VALUES Nutrition programs should be individual, not trends that appeal to the masses. A quality nutrition program should incorporate your social life and reflect your values. A sustainable nutrition program isn’t restrictive. It’s inclusive, reserving space for your favs meals, treats, and/or cocktails. A quality nutrition program offers education and support. 

Need more help navigating? Contact me to schedule a consult. Let’s discover what feeds your spirit together!

August 3, 2020

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