Adaptation and Appreciation: Key Life Skills

The ability to adapt is more important now than ever. Many are learning to be mindful and self regulate their behaviors and thoughts for the first time. Seniors, stay at home moms, hospitality workers, children…we all have been handed a foreign set of circumstances to navigate. We were given those without a set of how to’s.
How to connect with others?
What will work, school, play look like for the foreseeable future ?
From what I have been able to observe, the individuals who are able to adapt are the ones who are handling the pandemic and particularly the social isolation well. They are able to reach into their toolbox and utilize skills for coping. They lean on experience and self soothing techniques to overcome.
prayer, meditation, therapy, exercise, rest, get creative
But more than that, those folks are able to wrangle the concept of acceptance. They are able to see the world for what it is currently. They can also understand and evaluate the circumstance as temporary. They are able to tap into problem solving techniques and creative thinking.
Yes, they get fatigued or even frustrated. They don’t stay there long. They find their way out of that space. They don’t take things too seriously and can relax their “normal” routines and schedules to accommodate the needs of now. They have an appropriate sense of perspective. They find appreciation in the little moments: extra family time, extra time for an activity they enjoy, even technology!
They are industrious and innovative when it comes to personal grooming, exercising, yard maintenance, house keeping, meal prep, working from home, connecting with others, and even educating…all from home!
They don’t complain. They don’t compare. They have gratitude. They show appreciation. Simply, they are making the best of it. They choose to adapt. They choose to find the joy. That is where they focus their attention and light. There is less resistance in doing it this way.
Consider this a memo for mindfulness. When you take your grievances public, know your audience. Understand the delicate balance between real life and real negative on the airwaves. When you rant about your husband, remember the widow or the woman getting divorced. When you consider complaining about your kids, be reminded of the couple reading who want nothing more. When you complain about still working, think about the unemployed. When you complain about cooking dinner, think of the family in line at the food bank. Search for the gratitude, show appreciation even in the smallest of moments. Take your grievances upward instead of outward. Adapt!
Can you adopt some adaptability and appreciation into your current conditions?
 It’s time to flex your adaptability muscle and show some resilience. What can you appreciate more now? That shift, that recognition is what living well is all about.
Gratitude outward, grievances upward! 

April 16, 2020


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