2020: More Blessings Than Burdens

You can’t judge an entire day by 15 minutes. Or an entire week from one bad day. This philosophy rings true as we look to ring in a new year. While some wounds cut us so deeply and some seasons scar us for years to come, we must choose to find the joys. Seek out the burdens. It isn’t always the easiest to do, but truly it is healing.

January 26 2020 will always be known to the world as the day Kobe Bryant’s helicopter tragically crashed. To me it is the day I lost our second pregnancy. Just a few weeks into 2020 and just a few months after our first loss. The emotional and physical mud was so thick. I was still navigating my way through our first loss.

Angel Baby

I turned 40 in February. The birthday party my friends had planned to celebrate the epic event was simply too much for me.

We flipped the calendar to March and felt the sting of our first due date.

By the time the pandemic hit, I was unphased. We were living in a Sandbridge rental for most of the year while we built our home. An ideal respite for healing and what would come to be our quarantine bubble. The optimal space for wellness and nature. I found myself spending a fair amount of time outside last winter talking to the ocean and feeling the fresh air. Off the grid and out of the way, still close to God. A blessing.


By April I had pivoted my personal training business from 20% virtual to 100% online. In addition, I began hosting weekly Zoom bootcamps as a free community offering. A way to share my gifts during this trying time and a way to pour my energy into a positive physical challenge. From New York, DC, and VB our group shared workouts twice a week that made the lock down sweatier but survivable. Healing all of our hearts and bodies. A blessing.

Zoom Fitness

In May we moved again, closer to home to await the last stage of our build. We began making weekly if not daily trips to the house.

Watching the progress brought us so much enjoyment. A blessing.

Porch Picnics Before We Moved In

In May I also completed a 3 month self study acquiring my Health Coach Certification. My proud pandemic project, which allows me to provide a new set of services to clients in the 757 and beyond. A blessing.

Health Coach

In June we celebrated our first year of marriage. While traveling was out of the question in a pandemic, we opted for a day in the park on our trail followed by a stellar meal. The year had been packed full of highs and lows and it absolutely deserved recognition. A blessing.

Coastal Grill

In July we moved home. After nearly 3 years of dreaming and planning, it was a quick 7 month build process. After a few weeks, still unpacking, I found myself extremely tired. With the busy-ness of the move, I hadn’t realized my period was late. We decide to put all baby tracking on hold til after we were settled in. But one day, it hit me. I wasn’t just tired, I recognized exactly what I was feeling. I was pregnant for the third time. I have been pregnant the entire time we have been here. A blessing.

Home Sweet Home

By the end of August I was already starting to show. After a healthy ultrasound and a few doctor appointments, we had every reason to be hopeful and opted all in on the happiness of the situation. We disclosed the news to our closest family and friends. Being pregnant in a pandemic is interesting. News sharing is less face to face. And forget those congratulatory hugs. But joy still translates… in texts, Facetimes, and phone calls. Blessings.

In September, we shared the news publicly.

Baby Announcement

October brought a break. Time for a babymoon. A window to travel in a short, safe, socially distance trip to OBX. Lots of eating, adventuring, and gratitude. While on vacation, we were saddened to learn of the loss John Legend and Chrissy Teigen suffered on their sweet baby boy. Hearing the news brought deep sorrow, anxiety, and more prayer.

By November, the holidays were officially here. Jason and I decided to celebrate BIG. Last year was so difficult, we wanted to bring good vibes into our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home. We cooked so many fabulous meals. We had a few, very small quarantine safe gatherings and let joy fill this house. Blessed.

As Christmas and New Years comes to a close, we find ourselves knee deep in boxes of baby stuff. With less than 100 days til his arrival, we are caught in limbo between speeding up time for a safe delivery and slowing it down to savor this sweet time of just two. I am soaking up all this babe’s movements and stretches and feel thankful for a healthy pregnancy.

The year certainly started rough and remained that way for many. But our focus is set on the joyful moments. The extra time at home we were blessed with. The blessing of two jobs one essential and one that could be completed completely virtual during a pandemic. The blessing of a new home to welcome our baby. The blessing of family and close friends who have surppoted us every step of the way, in person or not. Blessings from God to have each other and our health as we embark on a a new plan for 2021. A new set of adventures to accomplish, some together…many with our new little buddy.

As we turn the calendar to a new year, two dates clearly stand out…

  • January 26th date
  • Our current due date in March, which lines up with the due date of our first pregnancy

I can’t quite wrap my head around how our lives will change. But I can’t think of a better reason for them to.

I am now on maternity leave until the summer. I have given myself permission to NOT make any big decisions about what/how work will look like post baby.

For Jason and I, it is a new season. A new chapter for me, especially professionally. One I feel called to be in fully. It doesn’t discount the journey up to this point. I am full of gratitude for what I was able to accomplish in the wellness community locally and online. I find myself extremely present in the current storyline. I am all in.

I am appreciative of the prayers, story sharing, and messages I have received from so many of you this past year. I look forward to more shared communication in 2021.

Blessings to you from Casa de Cherry.

January 1, 2021

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